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An interactive “tangram” through the use of the voice

Sonar Festival June 19, 20, 21

- The installation belong to the exposition “Mecanics” of Sonarmática
- Voice Constructor construct geometric shapes and colours on a screen
- Squares, cylinders and triangles….generates depending of the intensity of the sound.
- A multidisciplinary group of students of Visual Arts of IED Barcelona has Developer this interactive construction game for children and adults.
- Is about an innovative Project and pioneer in its field.

Barcelona, june, 11 2009. The 16º Barcelona’s International Festival of Advance Music and Multimedia Art, Sonar, involved in this editions and in concrete in the “Mecanics” exposition of Sonarmática, universities institutions, like the Istituto Europeo di Design of Barcelona, to incorporate their creative contents.

The “Mecanics” exposition, that occupies all the first floor of the CCCB, undertakes the fascinating World of the musical instrument built from the robotics and the technology under the theme “Do It Yourself” (Hazlo Tú Mismo).

The installation Voice Constructor, Develop under these criteria, is the result of a multidisciplinary project made by the student of Video Design, Media Design and Graphic Design courses of the IED Barcelona.

Voice Constructor is a puzzle and an interactive construction game though so that a minimum of two people can play. Through the voice, one build the geometric pieces which completes the different drawings on a big screen and the second player, with the help of a wii control, can displace them and rotate them on a second screen of 4,80x2,5m completing the puzzle.
Inspired on the tangram games and the children games colour pieces, Voice Constructor propose an experience, directed to the wide audience of Sonar, that follows the premises of the festival: do it yourself y hand made. The result is an innovative exercise of a multimedia experiment that goes around 3 axes: the sound, the image and the interaction, translated in terms of the human voice, geometric shapes and expression games (voice and body).

Is a multidisciplinary work of similar complexity to the production of a videogame, in which they take part a script, investigation, conceptual analysis, production of story-boards, graphic design, processing (programming language) and animation motion graphics….

In addition, Voice Constructor also participates in the new section of this festival, SonarKids, that will permit the kids to approached and interact in a creative and amusing way to a new means to understand the instrumentation and the musical composition, so that they can learn while they observe, they listen or they manipulate some of the interfaces, new software and actual installations in the exposition.


Original Concept: Horacio Herrera

Vídeo Design: Alejandro Sardà Sagarra, Carlos Nieves, Valentina Magini, Clarisse
Castelo Branco Rodriguez, Javier Molina Badrines
Graphic Design:
Yosip Sverko, Rodrigo Molas, Wendy Figueroa, Alfonso Molas
Polina Raevskaya, Juani López
Media Design:
Adrian Ortúzar, Christian Villacañas Camps, Ivan Córdoba
Pérez, Mia Leizerovitz, Horacio Herrera, David Torres


Direction: Sebastián Puiggrós y Chema Longobardo
Programming: Aleix Fernández
Coordination: Fabio Filippi

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